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We have been a people-take-on group since 2018. Businesses thrive because of great human capital and it pays to get it right. We are prime overseas recruitment partners for Canada, Albania, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Malta, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Russia, Africa, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE. Huff that’s a lot of charge and calling but we enjoy managing human capital across these beautiful nations. Ark International is also authorized under the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and is also ISO 9001:2015 certified. For all right reasons, a handy-man in the recruitment industry entrusted with giving gigs in all lines of work

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Enabling Business Success through Holistic Workforce Services

Permanent Recruitment

We attach employees to scouts permanently. We put forward permanent recruitment solutions for companies looking for employees. Aspirants are also trained on the love and care that they should put towards the businesses they are working for. This way they grow with the company over time. We tell you, our picked aspirants are great at empathy which works for you and your audience too.

Bulk Hiring Services

Our top-knot bulk hiring strategies are curated carefully to strain candidates in the selection process. Bulk hiring is a crazy thing happening in the recruitment industry these days. We root for high-end outsourcing services and weigh up candidates based on their skill sets and industry requirements. Simplified recruitment goals with an enriched process are what make bulk hiring solutions easier for Ark International. Our geeky tech branch helps in the swiftness needed in the processes. Smooth tracking and management of solutions also come fluid to us.

Overseas Recruitment

We are dealing with various personas with our broad expertise in personality and psychology. We provide ideal positioning and placement solutions with unique ways of identifying the requirements of our clients. Aspirant job hunters are carefully matched with the requirements and are sent completely trained. We have a pledged research team who keeps track of the movements in recruitment, management, market, and human studies. Our web of contacts is particularly compiled to understand the imperative needs of our clients and this calls for our zestful talent management skills. Um, totally positive about that. Try us!

Trade Test

People need people to get things done and we eliminate noise in this process. Headscratching indeed is this process of trade testing but Ark International double-tests candidates before presenting them to clients. We have undisputable methods and models of assessing candidates. We compare and cross-check a wide variety of trade occupations. Trade and local code requirements for different levels change. Our trade testing web gauges into the proficiencies of these levels and bring the tailormade candidate for employment


We have ample programs for training worthy aspirants in trades. We make sure that candidates go through training for different facets of the same trade. Additionally, aspirants are trained in fairness, key factors that promote mechanisms within the business, and also empathy. Our affiliated modules are designed in a way that any employee after getting trained is equipped to work with major employers and players. No aspirant is left naive within the trade. They are cross-trained on similar technology to erase gaps in the same functions.

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" From the initial consultation to the final placement, Ark International exceeded our expectations. Their team demonstrated extensive knowledge of the international job market, and their commitment to finding the right fit for our organization was remarkable. We highly recommend Ark International for their professionalism, integrity, and exceptional service."
" Ark International has been instrumental in sourcing top talent for our global expansion. Their expertise and dedication have greatly contributed to our success "
KRISMAR Krzysztof Kosiński Sp.k
" Ark International stands out as a reliable partner in our overseas hiring endeavors. Their commitment to understanding our needs and providing tailored solutions is commendable. "
Tge marine gas engineering


Ark has great loyal clients who trust us in their quest for human capital. We have seen a lot of conviction and reliance in their approach which is coming from the visibility we have always inclined to in the process. Our accounts are with the greatest oil companies, engineering & construction companies forging & stamping based companies, Research & development companies, service companies, etc. We have alliances with major nations like Canada, Albania, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Malta, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Russia, Africa, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE